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Resurfacing with Fiberglass

Fiberglass adds structural strength and eliminating cracks and leaks in your pool shell. Once cured, fiberglass becomes a smooth, dense, non-porous lining material. It can eliminate cracks, leaks, algae, staining, rough surfaces and high chemical usage while it deflects dirt and grime.

That means no more nasty chemicals, scrubbing, sore feet, caustic smells, or irritated skin. It also means you will have more time to swim and some extra cash on hand for refreshments or new water toys.

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

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Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl liner (VLP) pools are an option for those who want an in-ground pool without the higher cost of a gunite (plaster) pool.

VLP‘s give you the overall look and feel of an in-ground pool, however they lack the embellishments used on plaster or fiberglass pools, such as “real” tile at the waterline. Instead, they use a printed, or simulated tile pattern on the liner itself.

The other noticeable feature of a VLP is the top edge (referred to as coping). Typically, they have a visible metal track.

The biggest disadvantage of a Vinyl Liner Pool: The cost of replacing torn or worn out liners which can cost several thousands of dollars.

Renovating a Vinyl liner Pool with Fiberglass

If you have a vinyl liner pool chances are it can be renovated with fiberglass. Two things will determine the feasibility / cost:

  1. What is the floor material? Vinyl liner pools have either a concrete floor (ideal) or a vermiculite floor that would require a layer of concrete on top for strength.
  2. What is the wall material? Walls are either constructed of fiberglass or metal panels; both will work with fiberglass. The surface preparation differs for both. Also, metal is often rusty from leaky pool liners.

If you are tired of buying liners, want to change your pool’s appearance with fiberglass, decorative pool tile, custom coping, new lighting….

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Commercial Renovations

At Octopools we are no strangers when it comes to commercial projects. We have an impressive group of clients ranging from luxury hotels, upscale condominiums, apartment complexes, city parks, amusement parks, giant pools, small pools, spas, and more. We are a small company who is not intimidated by big challenges.